Technical Class, Carbohydrate Skills- Monday, April 2 | 6:30pm

$75.00 +IVU Tax

Technical Class, Carbohydrate Skills
Featuring Chef Martín Louzao

1 day Boot Camp
Monday from 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Cooking is easy when you know how. Learn by the hands of our Executive Chef Martín Louzao the fundamentals of cooking and culinary techniques. It’s the perfect course for those looking to learn or refresh solid skills and create some tasty recipes.

Monday, April 2
Dry Pastas │Stuffed Pastas │Risotto │Bread
Recipes: Pacheri carbonara | Chicken-spinach ravioli | Zaffron risotto | Rosemary focaccia


**Price is per person, a hold will be placed on credit card until the date of event


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