Couples Cooking Class -Monday, October 29 | 7:00pm must show they tried to hire S'poreans first. Article from Straits Times, Breaking News (23 September 2013): Firms must show they tried to hire S'poreans first. By Toh Yong Chuan From August next year, firms that want to hire foreign professionals must prove that they have tried to hire Singaporeans. These employers have to advertise for Singaporeans to fill the vacancies in a national jobs bank administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, the Manpower Ministry said on Monday. Firms with 25 or fewer staff will be exempted from advertising rule, or those hiring for jobs paying ,000 and above a month. Those who do not advertise in the national job bank will have the foreigners' Employment Pass (EP) applications rejected. The move is part of a Fair Consideration Framework announced by the ministry that requires employers to consider Singaporeans fairly before hiring foreigners. Besides the advertising rule, firms that have $65.00 +IVU Tax

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Stephanie Haddock  | Cocina Abierta

This class is designed for you to learn how to make a full course menu. Whether it be for your friend, family member or loved one. Come alone to learn and surprise afterwards or join us with that special someone. Price is per person, reserve your seat!

– Pigs in a blanket with spicy mustard sauce and guava sauce
– Seafood mac-n-cheese
– Curried chicken pot pie
– Brioche bread pudding with burbon sauce

*Price is per person

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