About Atelier Cocina Abierta




The Atelier at Cocina Abierta is an interactive space for the development and enjoyment of what we love: food, wine and spirits. It’s the meeting point where the culinary enthusiasts come together to explore the world through it’s gastronomy.

More than a school, it’s a laboratory of culinary ideas, an open kitchen that shares its secrets without limitation because we enjoy to cook.

Our Classes


The thematical classes are constantly renewed in order to always offer something new to learn, from basic lessons to advanced workshops. Classes include tastings of prepared dishes and a welcome cocktail from our private bar.

1 Day Class – Our classes provide an authentic “hands on” cooking worldwide experience, they are sure to be an unforgettable highlight of your vacation or part of your local entretainning options. Classes are generally 2 hours long.

Workshops – Combines theory with practical classes in an intensive 3-6 classes where you learn new recipes to surprise your family and friends.

Courses – These courses consist of 16 progressive classes where you learn to create a complete menu topic of your predilection, from basic, intermediate to advanced level.

Mixology – Combines the bar and the kitchen to integrate culinary techniques into cocktail making. Classes are taught by expert mixologists.

A culinary experience that will awaken all your senses.